In-Home Early Intervention

We pride ourselves in using a holistic development approach for each individual child and family and promoting family-centered services. Our in-home interventionists use a relational approach with each child and caregiver to enhance parent-child interactions based on developmental strategies within everyday activities and routines.

Social interactions and natural learning opportunities are part of building each parent and child’s competence and confidence. This model strengthens the family’s core competency, ability to relate to their child, and build their relationship with their child while supporting their child’s growth and development.


“I love the services I provide as a Child Development Specialist because I am able to make an impact in all areas of development of the child and parent relationship and the huge role in the dynamic of the family as a whole. This in turn establishes social-emotional growth and success with the parents and other caregivers in the child’s words. I celebrate with each family at every time the child’s masters their developmental outcomes. This is why I love what I do.” (Myranda Baca, BA)